Simco-Ion™ Air Ionization

Bennett & Bennett is an authorized distributor of Simco-Ion™ ionization for cleanroom and industrial applications.
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• Available as guns, tabletop blowers, in-line cartridges, or overhead blowers

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Simco-Ion Top Gun


Simco-Ion™ Top Gun


Simco-Ion AirForce Gun


Simco-Ion™ AirForce Gun


Simco-Ion Model 6110 Air Cartridge


Simco-Ion™ 6110 Air Ionizing Cartridge


Simco-Ion Aerostat PC


Simco-Ion™ Aerostat PC


Simco-Ion Extended Coverage XC


Simco-Ion™ Aerostat XC


Simco-Ion Extended Coverage XC 2


Simco-Ion™ Aerostat XC 2



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