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ESD Mats are made of rubber material that pads hard surfaces and dissipates static for ESD protection.

“The single most important concept in the field of static control is grounding. Attaching all electrically conductive and dissipative items in the workplace to ground allows built-up electrostatic charges to equalize with ground potential. A grounded conductor cannot hold a static charge.” – ANSI / ESD 6.1

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Need a custom size cut mat, rolls, or workstation kits?

Rubber mat roll inventory shown on is real-time.

Workstation kits and cut mats are assembled in our fulfillment center in Dayton, Ohio.

Made static dissipative on the top and conductive on the bottom, the rubber is available in .06″ and .08″ thicknesses.

Grounding is sold with the workstation kits and separately.


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