ESD Air Ionizers

• Air Ionizers balance charges on ungrounded objects
• Either AC or DC corona ionization is used for ionizers
• Available as guns, table top blowers, or overhead blowers

When AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) is applied to a sharp emitter point it creates an electric field or “corona” around the emitter. This high voltage corona of ions then interacts with electrons in the nearby gas molecules “cleaning” the air of unwanted charged air molecules.

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How Does AC Corona Ionization Work?

When an air ionizer utilizes alternating current (AC) the high voltage is applied to a single emitter point that cycles between negative and positive at the line frequency (50/60 Hz).

Since the cycles are so fast there is a high number of positive and negative ions recombining in the air and on the surfaces where they land. This speeds electrons up so that static on objects and in the air is eliminated.

How does DC Corona Air Ionization Work?

Direct current (DC) ionizers shoot both positive and negative ions through their emitter points at constant rates. Since the ions are emitted from separate points, there is much less recombination of ions.

Steady State DC. Steady State DC Corona Ionization continuously applies positive high voltage to half of the emitter points and negative high voltage to the other half.

Pulsed DC. Pulsed DC ionizers allow positive and negative emitter points to be turned on and off, creating clouds of positive and negative ions. Ionizers using pulsed DC may be finely tuned to allow timing cycles and polarities to operate as exactly needed for a specific application, usually in a time period of seconds.


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