Softwall Modular Cleanrooms

• Easy to Change Cleanroom Enclosure Size

Suspended from the ceiling use threaded rod and Unistrut, the enclosure is easy to construct around fixed structures inside buildings.


Softwall modular cleanroom enclosures that are suspended from the ceiling easily expand, shrink, and wrap around the contours of your building.

At Bennett & Bennett, we have over 25 years experience in assembling and constructing softwall modular cleanrooms using the ceiling suspension method.

First, Unistrut is laid in the joists of the ceiling. The threaded rod is then hung from the Unistrut and attached to the main tees.

Then cross tees and T grid are hung over the main tees so that the ceiling of the enclosure is laid out in a grid.

Unistrut attached to Main Tees in Softwall Cleanroom

Once the grid is constructed, it is populated with ceiling blanks, lights, and HEPA Fan Filter Units.

Cleanroom Curtains

Curtains are hung from the frame of the enclosure using mounting brackets.

Curtains are cut to your room specifications with overhangs. These can be slid into the mounting bracket.


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