Variable Speed HEPA Fan Filter Units

• Variable Speed Switch 1/5 HP Motor
• 99.99% HEPA, 30% ASHRAE Prefilter
• 400-750 CFM on 2′ x 4′ Unit
• 250-400 CFM on 2′ x 2′ Unit
• UL Listed in USA and Canada

M Series Fan Filter Units operate on 115 Volts, 277 volts at 60 Hz. Check the label on the front of the unit for voltage, current and frequency of operation. Verify the rating of the branch circuit wiring prior to installation.

Commercially available 1” or 1 – 1/2” T-Grid suspended ceiling systems are not designed to support the weight of any fan powered filter units. Bennett & Bennett supplies 2” T-Grid systems for softwall and hardwall cleanrooms that do provide the support necessary for direct mounting of M Series Filter Fan Units.


The M Series HEPA Fan Filter Units sit on top of your cleanroom in 2′ x 4′ or 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid where they clean and pressurize air flow into a cleanroom.

The M Series has a variable speed dial for modulating the cubic feet per minute (CFM) flowing into your cleanroom. (400 CFM on lowest speed setting, 750 CFM on highest speed setting).

The HEPA filter that sits inside the unit is 99.99% efficient at stopping 0.3 micron particles and has an ASHRAE pleated type pre-filter. It sits inside a white epoxy diamond patterned grille.

Shown Here on a Clean Fast © M Series the fan sits inside the unit pushing air through that is filtered by the Prefilter that sits on top of the fan.

The energy efficient motor blower is a low watt backward curved impeller, single phase, and permanent split capacitor type offered in 115 Volt (60Hz), 208-230 Volt (50/60 Hz), and 277 Volt (60Hz) versions.


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