Cleanroom Ceiling Panels

• 2′ x 4′ Vinyl Faced (Part Number: 148062)

Assembled Weight of Panels Maintains 90% Compression of a 3/8″ wide by 1/4″ Thick Urethane Foam Gasket at the Mating Surface with Tee Grid


GENERAL: For sealing spaces in cleanrooms not occupied by FFUs, Ceiling Filter Modules or light fixtures. The assembled weight of the panels shall be sufficient to maintain 90% compression of 3/8” wide by ¼” thick urethane foam gasket applied to the mating surface of the supporting T-Grid. This compression shall be maintained against a room static pressure of up to 0.05” w.g. without the use of supplementary hold down devices. Panel complies with ASTM E 1264 standards. If panels are to be cut, raw edges should be sealed with a recommended sealant such as Benjamin Moore Latex Primer #21600.

COLOR: White

COMPOSITION: Vinyl clad sealed to fire retardant paper clad Gypsum on one side. Edges factory sealed. Vinyl side of panel can easily be cleaned with damp sponge.

WEIGHT: 15 pounds

CEILING ATTENTUATION CLASS (CAC): Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) previously indicated as Ceiling Sound Transmission Class (CSTC) IS 45-49 when tested with ASTM E1414 ASTM FORM/SPEC: 20/5 (stipple pattern and cleanroom vinyl facing), 10/0 (U.S. Coast Guard approved panels), 15/0 (paper facing)

LIGHT REFLECTANCE: LR1 (white vinyl facing)


ORDERING INFORMATION: Bennett & Bennett Part Number 14806


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