Ceiling Suspended Softwall Cleanrooms

• Easy to Change Room Size and Upgrade Clean Room Standard with HEPA Fan Units.

Considered “softwall”, ceiling suspended cleanrooms use threaded rod and unistrut to stabilize the frame of the cleanroom. Since they do not have floor supports, they are easy to enlarge or shrink as needed.

Cleanroom Standards. Before international cleanroom classifications and standards were adopted by the International Organization for Standards (ISO), the U.S. General Service Administration’s standards (known as 209E) were used by most manufacturers in most countries.

Federal Standard 209E classified cleanrooms based on how many 0.5 micron particles could be counted in the room per cubic foot. If a cleanroom had one-hundred 0.5 micron particles per cubic foot or less it was classified as a “Class 100” cleanroom. This standard divided cleanrooms as being in one of 6 classes: “Class 1”, “Class 10”, “Class 100”, “Class 1,000”, “Class 10,000″and “Class 100,000”.


Suspended from ceiling joists, these cleanrooms can vary in size and dimensions as needed to fit around fixed architecture in your building.

At Bennett & Bennett, we have over 25 years experience in assembling and constructing the parts needed to build a cleanroom for manufacturing and data centers.

We independently sell grid, ceiling panels, lights, curtains, and HEPA fan filter units.


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