BB450 Clear Moisture Vapor Barrier Bag

• Meets IEST-STD-CC1246 E Standard Clean Level 100
• Readily Heat Sealable



Clear, durable, low permeability moisture barrier packaging bags and film for the electronics industry, BB-450 is engineered to offer superior protection and the highest degree of vacuum retention for packaging disc media, wafers, sputtering targets, lead frames, cathodes and other moisture sensitive components which require state-of-the-art safeguarding.

The proprietary clear moisture barrier poly / nylon lamination is constructed to incorporate transparent reading of information through the package while retaining a high moisture and gas barrier for extended shelf life in a wide range of storage temperatures for international shipping.

Readily heat sealable, it exhibits superior impact strength and resists abrasion and particulate sloughing.

Available in side-sealed tubing, sheet and a variety of bag sizes.


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