Moisture Barrier Bags- Foil

• Foil Aluminum Laminate (6.1 mils thick)
• Available Open Top or Zipper Top
• (MVTR) < .0003 grams / 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs per ASTM F-1249
• (OTR) .0006 cc / 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs per ASTM D-3985
Dissipates static electricity, Shields packaged content from electrostatic discharges (ESD), and Prevents moisture build up.
• Can be packackaged clean to level 100 per IEST-STD-CC1246 E


Manufactured to ANSI / ESD S20.20, IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, MIL-STD-3010 and MIL-STD-1686 standards.

Printed with ESD Protective Symbol to alert operators and handlers per ANSI/ESD S8.1 and MIL-STD-2073 standards.

Used for packaging materials that are heat, humidity, and ESD sensitive.

When requesting a price, please list size dimensions of the inner dimensions of the bag you require.

Custom Printing is Available Upon Request.

Properties Typical Values Test Method
MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) < 0.0003 grams ASTM F-1249 @ 100F, 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs.
OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) .0006 ASTM F-1249 @ 100F, 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs.
Contact Corrosivity No effect on aluminum, copper, silver, Pb-Sn coated foil, stainless steel, kovar, low carbon steel Polycarbonate Compatible
Amines, Amides, N-Octanoic Acid Not Present
Surface Resistivity < 1012 Ohms / Square ASTM D-257 @ 12% RH
ESD Resistance < 1011 Ohms / Square ANSI/ ESD STM 11.11
Electrostatic Decay .01 Seconds FTMS 101 Method 4046
Capacitance Probe < 10 volts Difference MIL-PRF-81705D, EIA 541
Thickness 6.1 mils Caliper
Yield 4,250 / lb. JJC G103
Tensile Strength >50 lbs. at break ASTM D-882
Puncture Resistance > 20 lbs. FTMS 10001C
Tear Initiation > 45 lbs. at break ASTM D-1004
Burst 97 PSI FTMS 101C
Optical Density Opaque (Silver)
Heat Sealing (Temperature) 250F to 375F
Heat Sealing (Time) 0.5 to 3.5 seconds
Heat Sealing (Pressure) 30 to 70 PSI


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