BB450 Clear Moisture Vapor Barrier Bag

• Transparent, 5 mil thick
• Film does not stretch
• For products with high sensitivity to moisture
• (MVTR) 0.184 gm / 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs.
• (OTR) 2.0 cc/100 s1. in. / 24 hrs.
• Meets IEST-STD-CC1246 E Standard Clean Level 100


BB450 is a moisture vapor barrier film developed by the engineers at Bennett & Bennett.

Cleaned inside cleanrooms, these bags can be shipped clean to Level 100.

Why choose BB450 versus other films? BB450’s proprietary dual layer polyethylene-nylon lamination is transparent, does not stretch, and is capable of maintaining a high moisture and gas barrier over the duration of an international shipment. With over 25 years experience in building cleanrooms, manufacturing the film, and cleaning it at our facilities why trust your finished product to people who aren’t cleanroom experts?

Properties Specification Test Method
Color Clear
Thickness 5 mils Micrometer
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate 0.184 gm / 100 square inches. / 24 hrs. Mocon
Oxygen Transfer Rate 2.0 cc / 100 square inches. / 24 hrs. Mocon
Tensile Strength (MD) 34 lbs @ break ASTM-D882
Tensile Strength (XMD) 36 lbs @ break ASTM-D882
Tearing Strength (MD) 64 lbs @ break ASTM-D882
Tearing Strength (XMD) 64 lbs @ break ASTM-D882
Burst (Mullen) 85 PSI ASTM-D882
Heat Sealing (Temperature) 250F to 375F
Heat Sealing (Time) 0.5 to 3.5 seconds
Heat Sealing (Pressure) 30 to 70 PSI


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