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Lightweight ESD Jackets :

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Anti Static. ESD Safe. Made in Compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 2014 and IEC 61340-5-1. Black conductive carbon threading is woven with the color of the lab coat or smock in a chain-link design.
Black Carbon Conductive Thread is Sewn Into ESD Smocks and Lab Coats to Shield the Environment the Wearer is Working in from Static the Wearer is generating on their regular clothes.

Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Add Detergent or Softener. Cool Tumble Dry or Hang. Remove Promptly. Surfactants such as laundry detergent and fabric softeners can chemically break down the black carbon static shielding fabric woven into ESD smocks and lab coats. Do not add them to wash.

Custom Embroidery. Call 937-324-1100 to Order.Embroidered ESD Smock

Part numbers: 8812JSSMLBL, 8812JSMEDBL, 8812JSLRGBL, 8812JSXLGBL, 8812JS2XLBL, 8812JS3XLBL, 8812JS4XLBL, 8812JS5XLBL, 8812JSSMLBG, 8812JSMEDBG, 8812JSLRGBG, 8812JSXLGBG, 8812JS2XLBG, 8812JS3XLBG, 8812JS4XLBG, 8812JS5XLBG, 8812JSSMLWH, 8812JSMEDWH, 8812JSLRGWH, 8812JSXLGWH, 8812JS2XLWH, 8812JS3XLWH, 8812JS4XLWH, 8812JS5XLWH, 8812JKSMLBL, 8812JKMEDBL, 8812JKLRGBL, 8812JKXLGBL, 8812JK2XLBL, 8812JK3XLBL, 8812JK4XLBL, 8812JK5XLBL, 8812JKSMLBG, 8812JKMEDBG, 8812JKLRGBG, 8812JKXLGBG, 8812JK2XLBG, 8812JK3XLBG, 8812JK4XLBG, 8812JK5XLBG, 8812JKSMLWH, 8812JKMEDWH, 8812JKLRGWH, 8812JKXLGWH, 8812JK2XLWH, 8812JK3XLWH, 8812JK4XLWH, 8812JK5XLWH, 8812JS2XLBK, 8812JS3XLBK, 8812JS4XLBK, 8812JSLRGBK, 8812JSMEDBK, 8812JSSMLBK, 8812JSXLGBK

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