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Common Point Grounds:

Our 4715 Series Common Point Grounds are Flat shaped. Our 4716 and 4717 Series are Barrel shaped.

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End of Ground Cord:
1 Meg Ohm Resistor:

How to Connect to Common Point Grounds

Static follows the path of least resistance to ground. A typical Static Control Workstation regulates the flow of static from personnel and their work surfaces by using mats, wrist straps, and common point grounds that are tied electrically together and to the earth.

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Step 1. Lay your Anti Static / ESD Mat flat on top of the surface where you will be working.

Step 2. Install a Snap into the Mat so that you can attach the Common Point Ground onto it.

Step 3. Connect the Eyelet of the Common Point Ground into an electrical ground (i.e., an electrical socket) to ground the Mat. ( If using the 4717 Series use the clamps of the bulldog clip to attach it to ground).

Step 4. Plug the Coil Cord of the Wrist Strap into the Common Point Ground to ground the Wearer of the Wrist Strap.

Part numbers: 4715, 4716, 4717

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