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ESD Continuous Monitors:

GG3 is Easily Mounted on Workstations to Monitor ESD Mats and ESD Wrist Straps for Ground Connections
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Ground Connection
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How to Use GG3 to Ground Personnel

  • Two 15' Ground Cords for snapping into ESD Mats
  • Banana Jack for plugging ESD Wrist Strap's Coil Cord into

Grounding ESD Mats with GG3. To ground the bench top mats attach the hooded ground snaps at the ends of the mat and plug the ground cords into the GG3 Series Constant Monitors. A red light and an audio beep will alert you if you are not grounded wearing your wrist strap or if your mat is not grounded.

Bennett and Bennett manufactures ESD Jackets, Mats, Wrist Straps, and Common Point Grounds for Grounding Workers.

Part numbers: WSM-GG3, WSM-CAL

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