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10mm Snaps (4730 Series) for ESD Mats:

  • Plugs into Mats
  • Provides Place to Mount Common Point Ground
  • 10mm
  • Nickel Plated Brass
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How to Plug Snaps into Mats

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1. Place Mat on Work Surface.
2. Choose which side of the Mat has the closest or most convenient access to bring static from the Mat to the Earth.
3. Locate an area 1 –2 inches in from each corner of the Mat on the side nearest the Earth where you can attach a Common Point Ground.
4. Press the 4730 Series Snap downward until its prongs puncture the Mat and are fully visible on the underside of the Mat.
5. Bend the prongs of the 4730 Series Snap until flush against the underside of the Mat.
6. Add additional 4730 Series Snaps as needed. (It's recommended you have 1 snap attached for every 5 feet of Mat).

How to Ground ESD Mats

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The black carbon underside of Anti Static ESD Mats is there to absorb electrostatic charges on the mat's top surface and take it to the Earth under the force of gravity.

Black Carbon Conductive Thread is Sewn Into ESD Smocks and Lab Coats to Shield the Environment the Wearer is Working in from Static the Wearer is generating on their regular clothes.

However, suppose the mat is sitting on top of an insulating material, like wood. In this instance, it is more efficient to connect the mat to the Earth to ensure static on the mat's top surface reaches the Earth before zapping electronics.

To connect the mat directly to the Earth we attach Common Point Grounds to the Mats. This is why you need snaps like the 4730 Series.

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Conductive Nickel Plated 4730 Series Snaps are 10mm (or 3/8 inch) in diameter. This provides a stud for Common Point Grounds to snap into on top of ESD mats so that static drains off the mat and into the Earth.

Anti Static ESD mats, wrist straps, and jackets can all be grounded through the Common Point Ground that snaps into the mat once the the 4730 Series Snap is installed on mats.

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Part numbers: 4730

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