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Anti Static Mats | .08" Thick:

2-Ply Mats are Constructed of a top Static Dissipative Layer and a Bottom Conductive Layer.

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  • Static Dissipative top layer drains static electricity at
    106-108 ohms/sq 
  • Conductive bottom layer drains static electricity at
    103-104 ohms/sq 
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Mat Qualifications and Standards

Testing. Meets ANSI / ESD STM 4.1 Standard using FTMS 101C Method 4046.

Cleaning. Clean off debris or solder with Elimstat Spray. DO NOT USE silicone-based cleaners. Silicone can leave behind an insulating film on the top surface that causes static to build up.

Disposal. Lead-Free. Recyclable.
Meets European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) regulating the
reuse of products used in electrical and electronic equipment.

How to Use Anti Static Mats
to Prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

To keep a work area clear of static electricity we use mats as sinks to collect static off of tables and floors. The captured static electricity is then sent down a controlled path of cables or cords that act as pipes dumping the electricity into the Earth.

Click Infographic for Full SizeBennett and Bennett manufactures ESD Jackets, Mats, Wrist Straps, and Common Point Grounds for Grounding Workers.

Part numbers: 53002450B, 53003050B, 53003650B, 53004850B, 53002450D, 53003050D, 53003650D, 53004850D, 53002450G, 53003050G, 53003650G, 53004850G, 53002450R, 53003050R, 53003650R, 53004850R, 53002403B, 53000204B, 53002405B, 53002406B, 53003005B, 53003606B, 53002403D, 53000204D, 53002405D, 53002406D, 53003005D, 53003606D, 53000204G, 53002450R

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